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On September 1, 2021, the winner of the IoT Awards 2021 will be announced at the EOT - Electronics of Tomorrow trade show in Herning, Denmark.

The IoT Award 2021 is a new award run by the Nordic IoT Centre to find Denmark's best IoT solution.

Onomondo isn't eligible as a software solution, but three of our amazing customers have been shortlisted for the main prize! Here are the three shortlisted IoT Award 2021 nominees:

  1. Aguardio
  2. WasteHero
  3. Clevertrack

In this blog, I interviewed Thomas Munch-Laursen, Co-founder and CEO of Aguardio, about Aguardio's mission and what he sees in-store for IoT.

What does Aguardio do?

Aguardio creates solutions that use data to nudge people into reducing their water usage. If we take the UK as an example, the average person there uses 150 litres of water per day. This volume comes from showers, flushing toilets, using the hand basins, cooking etc. They have an impending water crisis due, and therefore the country aims to reduce this to less than 100 litres per day. Aguardio is part of the solution to the UK's problem.

Overall, our vision is to digitise bathrooms to help combat the water crisis. In that respect, we currently have IoT devices that monitor shower times and toilet leaks and an easy-to-use web app.

What's an interesting use case for Aguardio?

The University of Surrey experiment is an excellent example of Aguardio in action. They tested Aguardio in tourism accommodation (TUI, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Scandic, Hostelling International, and Pebblebrook) and saw a decrease in shower times from 11 to 8 minutes on average. This behavioural change generates a significant cost saving with positive ROI and is a proactive step towards meeting sustainable development goals. See more on

How has Onomondo helped you?

Onomondo helps us through connectivity. When we send an Aguardio device to customers in Denmark, the UK, Spain and beyond, we want the installation experience to be as simple as possible. With Onomondo, they turn on the device, and it's connected.

What trend do you see in IoT that is the most exciting to you?

IoT is very much a buzzword. Many companies say they provide IoT, but it becomes very complicated when it comes to taking action. People start talking about SIGfox, LoRaWAN, NB-IoT etc., which don't work globally currently. For me, the rollout of 5G is a big step towards achieving true IoT thanks to operators realising the opportunity in the new IoT connectivity standards (LTE Cat M1 and NB-IoT). 

easy-install-aguardioThe Aguardio G2 nudges users to reduce water consumption in the shower.

About Thomas Munch-Laursen

Thomas Munch-Laursen is co-founder and CEO of Aguardio. He has a background as an engineer and has worked on sustainable living solutions for many years. His mission is to reduce water consumption globally through the use of intelligent technology.

About Aguardio

Aguardio is an easy to use solution that helps people live more sustainably by reducing the amount of water and energy they use in the bathroom. They achieve this by using IoT and big data to create products that help private individuals, housing associations, and hotels to become more sustainable.