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The winner of the IoT Awards 2021 will be announced tomorrow at the EOT - Electronics of Tomorrow trade show in Herning, Denmark.

We're proud that all three of the shortlisted nominees use Onomondo for global connectivity. We've previously written about the great work that Aguardio and WasteHero are doing, and today we'll dive into Clevertrack.

In this blog, I interviewed Mike Bonet Clar, Founder and CEO of Clevertrack, to find out about what they do and how they help their customers.

What does Clevertrack do?

Clevertrack is a software developer specialised in fleet management. Specifically, contractors using Clevertrack gain real-time insights into their vehicles, machinery, and equipment. The business intelligence we provide creates a new level of value for contractors, helping them visualise, understand, and act upon data.

What's an interesting use case for Clevertrack?

A customer had issues with high idle times on their construction machinery. Clevertrack helped them recognise when their machines were idling too long and then automatically shut them off. By giving the contractor transparency and control, we reduced their fuel consumption and contributed to a greener bottom line.

We provide a point of difference by enabling contractors to monitor their idle levels on one single platform in detail and feed this into their ERP software. As a result, we have customers who have saved 30% on their machine operation.

How has Onomondo helped you?

Two significant benefits come to mind. Firstly, there's global connectivity. For example, a construction contractor from Greenland got in touch with us about using Clevertrack. It was no problem to send our devices abroad because we use Onomondo. The device can then be there for life; there's no roaming, so the device doesn't need to come back to the home network.

Otherwise, multiple operators for each region was appealing. The Danes are loyal, in a wide sense, and they often prefer to use a specific network (e.g. TDC). We can provide them with the network they prefer while also giving them access to other networks (e.g. Telia and Telenor) so that there are no spots of unnecessarily poor coverage

What trend do you see in IoT that is the most exciting to you?

We are looking forward to continued improvements in AI and machine learning alongside the development of IoT. Our value comes from how the data from IoT devices is processed, and that's the exciting space for us - a future where we are even better at leveraging data for our customers.

Clevertrack appClevertrack uses data captured by trackers to create value for their customers.

About Mike Bonet Clar

Mike Bonet Clar is CEO and Co-founder of Clevertrack. He has over a decade of experience working in sales and management and enjoys using his experience to help solve the construction industry's problems.

About Clevertrack

Clevertrack is a Danish software developer that helps businesses to gain data-driven insights through tracking and IoT. Our solutions provide operational savings and earnings opportunities in industries with an increasing need for data-driven insight into their vehicles, machinery, and equipment.